Managing Account


All passwords on our site are encrypted so we don't have access to your password to send it on to you, but you can reset it by clicking on the link below and selecting Forgot Password


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Try resetting your password by clicking on Forgot Password at the link below.

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Managing Users


You can do this via the Manage Coordinators tab on the Edit Listing page - see link below

Top Tip:  We strongly recommend having a name and photo on your listing as this allows couples to feel more connected with you and it shows personality. 

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You can change the details in the templates section, see link below.

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Select Edit Listing from the drop down MENU on the top left hand side of your dashboard. 

In the Name & Contact Details section, scroll down to select Enquiry Email Address and enter the email address that you want to receive the enquiry notification


You cannot change the Account name but we can do that for you.

Send an email to [email protected] with details of the name you want to see on the account. 

Top Tip:  You could make it something evergreen like “Events Team” “Weddings team” or Banqueting which means it doesn’t need to change every time there is a change of staff. Be as creative as you like with the name.


Login to your account. Click MyAccount on the top right hand side of your dashboard

In the drop down menu, scroll down and select Invite User

Fill out the First Name and Email of the person you wish to invite

Click theInvite User button

The person you have invited will receive an email invitation and they will need to click through the link provided. 


You may also need to revoke access if someone has left the company - you can do this on the same screen under current users. Simply clickRemove on the right hand side.


Yes, you can have two email addresses that enquiries go to. Select Edit Listing from the drop down MENU on the top left hand side of your dashboard.  Under Name & Contact Details, scroll down to Secondary Enquiry Email Address and enter the email address that you want to receive the enquiry notification.

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You can change the details by clicking on the link below


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Managing your Listing

You can manage all of your features / style / facilities via the Select Features tab on the Edit Listing page at the link below

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Brochures or packages can be uploaded to your listing and couples will be able to download them.  They will also be attached to the Initial Response Email they automatically receive after they enquire.

A maximum of 3 files can be uploaded. We suggest you have your brochure and 2 packages.


Top Tip: If you have more than 2 packages you can combine your packages into a single PDF.

Managing Communications

If you are not using our WedMail email system, you can deactivate the emails by turning them off in the templates section of the Dashboard.
Simply click the slider over to RED and no further WedMails will be triggered and therefore you won't receive the reminders anymore.

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We survey couples after they send an enquiry to learn more about their experience and whether they booked their wedding. The feedback received is only for internal use and it is not displayed publicly or shared with anyone other than you in your dashboard. It has not been published on the site.