Managing Account

Try resetting your password by clicking on Forgot Password at the link below.

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All passwords on our site are encrypted so we don't have access to your password to send it on to you, but you can reset it by clicking on the link below and selecting Forgot Password


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You cannot change the Account name but we can do that for you. Send an email to [email protected] with details of the name you want to see on the account. 

It might help to change the name to something evergreen like “Events Team” “Weddings team” or "Banqueting" so it doesn’t need to change every time there is a change of staff.

You can find these details in the My Account section on the top right hand corner of your dashboard. Click View Subscription from the drop down menu. The details will be displayed.

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Managing Users

Login to your account. Click MyAccount on the top right hand side of your dashboard

In the drop down menu, scroll down and select Invite User

Fill out the First Name and Email of the person you wish to invite

Click the Invite User button

The person you have invited will receive an email invitation and they will need to click through the link provided. 

You may also need to revoke access if someone has left the company - you can do this on the same screen under current users. Simply click Remove on the right hand side.


To remove a user:

Go to My Account on the top right of your dashboard.

Select Manage Users from the drop down menu.

Scroll down to Existing User List.

Find the person you wish to remove and click the Remove button on the right hand side.

Managing your Listing

Brochures or special packages can be uploaded to your listing allowing couples to download them from there.

Once uploaded, these will automatically be sent to the couple with the Initial Response Email that they receive after enquiring.

A maximum of three files can be uploaded. We suggest you upload your brochure and two packages.

If you have more than two packages you can combine your packages into a single PDF.

You can manage all of your features / style / facilities via the Select Features tab on the Edit Listing page at the link below.

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You can do this via the Manage Coordinators tab on the Edit Listing page - see link below.

However, we strongly recommend having a person's name and photo on your listing. This allows you to show your personality which helps couples to feel connected with you.

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You can change the details by clicking on the link below


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We survey couples after they've sent an enquiry to learn more about their experience and whether they booked their wedding with you.

The feedback received is only for internal use and only shared with you on your dashboard.

It is not displayed on your listing or shared with anyone other than you.

Yes, you can now add a Venue Hire fee to your listing. Select MENU on the top left of the dashboard and scroll down to EDIT LISTING. You can enter the venue hire fee there.

Every client has their own unique Review Link that you can send to couples to write a review. If couples have already sent you a card/email or left a review on another site, you can copy and paste it in on their behalf. You do have to input their email address so we can verify. Your review link can be found in the REVIEWS section of the dashboard. 

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Before reviews are published on the live WeddingDates site, we moderate every single one to ensure it meets our content guidelines (eg. no profanity etc). One of our team reads and publishes reviews a couple of times per week, so it is likely just the case that your reviews are in the queue to be published. 

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You can add suppliers to your listing by going to the RECOMMENDATIONS section of the dashboard and writing a recommendation for the supplier in question. They do not have to be listed on WeddingDates already in order for you to do this. Once you have written the recommendation they will be sent an email with a link to accept the recommendation from you and then they will be offered to create a free listing on WeddingDates for their own business as a result. This listing will be free for them forever. 

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Managing Communications

If automatic emails that go out from your account in reply to our wedding enquiries are blank or are signed off with an incorrect name, you can change the email signature details in the Templates section, see link below.

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You can select which email address you wish to have WedMails sent from by selecting one of the users from the drop down list in the TEMPLATES section of the Dashboard. Only verified email addresses can send out WedMails, so you may need to verify this email address once selected (the email address selected will receive an email from Postmark our email sender which will need to be clicked on to verify). 

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Reminders can be either on or off.

If you are not fully using our WedMail email system, you can deactivate individual Wedmail templates from generating by turning them off in the templates section of the Dashboard.

To do this, click the slider over to RED and no further WedMail reminders will be sent to you. 

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Select Edit Listing from the drop down MENU on the top left hand side of your dashboard. 

In the Name & Contact Details section, scroll down to select Enquiry Email Address and enter the email address that you want to receive the enquiry notification


Yes, you can have two email addresses that enquiries go to.

Select Edit Listing from the drop down MENU on the top left hand side of your dashboard. 

Under Name & Contact Details, scroll down to Secondary Enquiry Email Address and enter the other email address that you want to receive the enquiry notification.

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You cannot switch off Incoming Enquiry Notification emails that your venue receives.

You can only switch off WedMail notifications by deactivating the WedMail templates from generating altogether. This can be done by visiting the Templates page and using the slider to turn each WedMail template on/off. 

Tracking your Enquiries

The date each couple was last contacted is now displayed in the Enquiry Manager - this will pull the date automatically from any emails sent out by the system, OR 

you can update it yourself, for example, if you recently had a phone call with the couple.

To get a full view of your enquiry pipeline, we recommend you import enquiries from your other sources and log them in the WeddingDates Dashboard.

The system will track the various enquiry sources, so you will have easy visibility in your reporting. 

Download our template and follow the data format EXACTLY to ensure that the import works. 

You will find the IMPORT button on the grey sub navigation bar in Enquiry Manager.


If you want to manually change the source of an enquiry afterwards, you can do this in the ENQUIRY DETAILS section. 

Click Here

Select Enquiries from the MENU on the left side.

Select the enquiry you wish to edit.

Select the drop down menu beside Status at the dop of the dashboard.

Select Provisional.

You will see a flag Enquiry Status updated.

Select Calendar from the MENU on the left side.

You will see the date marked in orange for Provisional on the Calendar.

When you move an enquiry to PROVISIONAL the date will turn orange in your calendar.

When you hover over the date in the calendar you will see the name of the couple who are provisionally holding that date. 

Other couples can still enquire for that date.

When you click into an enquiry in the Enquiry Manager you can add two separate meetings under Viewing Details.

These are: Virtual Viewing/Call Date or In-person/Showround Date.

You may want to hold a secondary date for couples in case their chosen date does not go ahead due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Enter the alternative date in the yellow box in the Enquiry Manager

This date will appear in the calendar in yellow.

Other couples can still enquire for that date.

The WeddingDates system automatically checks to see if the enquiry has the same email address as one previously received.  If the system finds a match for a duplicate of an enquiry on the system it will give you the opportunity to flag it and remove it from your Enquiry Manager/Reporting

To mark an enquiry as duplicate: When you click into the enquiry, look on the right hand side of the screen under Print Enquiry. Simply switch the toggle from red to green to confirm that the enquiry is a duplicate. 

Once marked duplicate, the enquiry will be hidden from your stats and reports. It will also be hidden from the Enquiry Manager except when you use the search for enquiries or use the 'All' dropdown option. In these instances it will be marked as Duplicate in red.

Select Enquiries from the Menu on the left

Select the enquiry you wish to edit

Scroll down to theViewing Details section and click Remove Date from below theVirtual Viewing/Call date or In Person/Showround date

Click Save Details

Select Enquiries from the left side MENU.

You will see Status with a drop down menu to the right.

Click on the drop down menu and select Lost.

You will be prompted to select a Lost Reason from the drop down menu.

Select Wedding Cancelled.

Click Move to Lost.


To view all Cancelled Weddings:

Select Stats & Reports from the left side MENU.

Select Enquiry Reports from the top right.

Under the Lost Enquiries Section, click View Full Report.

Lost Enquiries Data is displayed on the right hand side, and the individual enquiries are tracked at the bottom of the dashboard.

Yes, you can. Select GENERATE WEDMAIL at the top right hand side of each Enquiry.

Select from the dropdown box which WedMail you wish to Generate.

The new WedMail will appear in the TASK LIST, ready for you to hit SEND